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If you have any questions, ideas or additions for the Scrapie program up to now or for the coming future please contact the Scrapie program co—ordinator. The Scrapie committee meets annually or upon any specific requests.

December 2005 Scrapie Canada Update

New Deadline Information:

Although producer interest was gauged to be high, only 10 producers were enrolled in the project by December 2005. Not all provinces met the allotted quota for interested producers and the project is now accepting names from all interested producers regardless of province.

In order to collect meaningful information and to meet progress requirements set out by the funding agency, producers need to be enrolled in the program for as close to the duration of the five-year project as possible.

Therefore, beginning December 1, 2005, project samples will be filled on a 'first to apply- first to be enrolled' basis regardless of producer province.

It is very important that spaces on this project are filled, not only to create worthwhile data, but also to send a clear message that scrapie control is considered an important issues within the sheep and goat industries.

For more information please contact Scrapie Canada by calling 866-534-1302 or by e-mailing admin@scrapiecanada.ca

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