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If you have any questions, ideas or additions for the Scrapie program up to now or for the coming future please contact the Scrapie program co—ordinator. The Scrapie committee meets annually or upon any specific requests.

March 2006 Scrapie Canada Update

General Information

There have been two conference calls in regards to both the programs, the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program and the National Survey of Scrapie Genetics in Canadian Purebred Sheep.

We are coming to a year end, approaching our first annual review at the end of March 2006. If any producer wishes to submit any thoughts, concerns, or requests in regards to either program, please advise them to send the information, in writing; to the Scrapie Project Coordinator (an e-mail is fine).

In regards to any of the changes that have been suggested for both programs, nothing will be confirmed until the annual review is completed, probably around the end of April 2006. There are still a number of issues that need to be worked out concerning the rules and the standards of the programs to see if the discussed changes are even permitted.

National Survey of Scrapie Genetics in Canadian Purebred Sheep

A nation wide survey was drafted in mid-February and was sent out to all members of the Canadian Sheep Breeders’ Association. The goal of the survey was to determine what producers plans were regarding the genotyping project. I am pleased to report that to date we have received 120 responses. If any producer did not receive the survey and is interested and sharing with Scrapie Canada their plans surrounding genotyping, please inform them to contact the Scrapie Coordinator.

The Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program

Minor progress is continuing to be made concerning the SFCP. To date, we have 12 sheep flocks and 8 goat herds enrolled on the program. Many sheep producers, who enrolled in the program last year, are coming up to their second annual inventory. Getting your vet out to complete the inventory may take some time, so producers should plan ahead and mark on their calendars when their next inventory is due.

Two Sheep

Scrapie Information & Facts


One or more of the following clinical signs may be present in affected animals. It is important to note that not all sheep or goats show all the signs of scrapie. Sometimes these signs can be so subtle that they are missed or misdiagnosed until they
have progressed.


• Weight loss, despite retention of appetite

• Behavioural changes

• Itching and rubbing

• Wool Pulling

• Biting at limbs or side

• Bunny–hop movement of the rear limbs

• Swaying of hips and hind limbs

• Sensitivity to noise and movement

• Tremor

• Down, unable to stand

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