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If you have any questions, ideas or additions for the Scrapie program up to now or for the coming future please contact the Scrapie program co—ordinator. The Scrapie committee meets annually or upon any specific requests.

November 2006 Scrapie Canada Update

Genotyping Deadline- Fast Approaching!

To all producers who are interested in getting their registered purebred sheep genotyped under the National Genotyping Survey, the final date to submit blood samples is November 30, 2006. As long as samples are post-marked by this date, they will be accepted under the program.

Scrapie Canada is currently in negotiation with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to extend the project until March 2008. However, at the time of print, a decision had not been made. Once a final decision has been rendered, Scrapie Canada will release this information to all interested producers. Please check our website for updates (look under “What’s New?”).

If you have registered purebred sheep and are interested in taking advantage of the program, please contact the Scrapie Project Coordinator for further information.

Under the program, producers are charged $10/ sample plus tax and 70% of the vet visit (up to $6/ sample), as well as 50% of shipping fees will be reimbursed to you.

Please Note: A NEW Sample Submission Form was released in August 2006. This form must be completed and sent in with blood samples or producers will be charged the full testing cost ($28/ sample).

Two Sheep

Scrapie Information & Facts


One or more of the following clinical signs may be present in affected animals. It is important to note that not all sheep or goats show all the signs of scrapie. Sometimes these signs can be so subtle that they are missed or misdiagnosed until they
have progressed.


• Weight loss, despite retention of appetite

• Behavioural changes

• Itching and rubbing

• Wool Pulling

• Biting at limbs or side

• Bunny–hop movement of the rear limbs

• Swaying of hips and hind limbs

• Sensitivity to noise and movement

• Tremor

• Down, unable to stand

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