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January 2008 Scrapie Canada Update

Scrapie Canada Year in Review

As the New Year is upon us, it is a good time to take stock of past events, focus on where we stand today, and develop plans for the future.

The past year was a productive one for Scrapie Canada. The beginning of the year saw the approved extension of the National Genotyping Survey, which was to be originally completed in November 2006. With the extension, the project was permitted to run until March 31, 2008. This extra time offered producers another chance to genotype test their purebred registered sheep at a significantly lower cost. To date, the project has genotyped a little over 6,000 purebred sheep nationwide.

In April, movement at the border was big news. American sheep and goats were once again permitted to enter Canada. For producers who are interested in purchasing US breeding stock, this was a step forward. Stipulations came with this announcement however. Any Canadian producer importing American female sheep or goats must be a participant on the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program. The same goes for American producers- all farmers exporting female sheep or goats into Canada must be on the US scrapie program. There are no restrictions on importing male sheep or goats.

In July, the Canadian Sheep Federation attended the World Sheep & Wool Congress in Querétaro, Mexico. Networking with producers, industry representatives and delegates from around the world, CSF promoted the Canadian sheep industry- including its scrapie programs. Scrapie Canada sent promotional and informational material- in both English and Spanish- down to the meeting. Sheep industries throughout the world are placing value on scrapie programs, highlighting the importance of industry and producer involvement.

As it does every year, the fall brought agricultural events and producer meetings. Scrapie Canada attended ‘Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show’ in Woodstock, Ontario. Each year, thousand of producers and industry representatives meet at this biggest outdoor farm show in Canada. Scrapie Canada took this opportunity to endorse the scrapie programs and answer inquiries from many interested producers. Scrapie Canada also attended the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ Sheep Seminar in Atwood, Ontario in November. This meeting is a great venue for producers looking for practical, real life advice on the business of sheep production.

In October and November Scrapie Canada presented at both the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency annual general meeting in Guelph, Ontario and the Canadian Sheep Federation annual general meeting in Victoria, B.C. Between the two meetings, local, national and international producers and delegates met to discuss Ontario and Canada’s sheep industry. Scrapie Canada took this opportunity to once again promote its initiatives- answering many questions and networking with a variety of industry stakeholders.

Currently, Scrapie Canada is focusing on two major priorities. First off, the completion of the National Genotyping Survey is taking place on March 31, 2008. Until this time, Scrapie Canada encourages all producers who are interested in genotyping their purebred, registered sheep, to do so. The reimbursement offered under the program is quite substantial. Producers are only charged $10/ sample (plus tax) for testing, and are reimbursed an extra $6/ sample for the vet call (up to 70% of the total invoice). Half of all shipping costs are also covered by the program. Testing outside of the program is about $30/ sample, depending on the lab, plus tax and shipping. If you are interested in genotype testing your purebred, registered sheep, you can still do so until March 31, 2008. For more information, please contact Scrapie Canada.

Secondly, Scrapie Canada is currently working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the development of a long term Scrapie Surveillance program. Industry partners and government representatives throughout Canada and the world are placing more focus on national scrapie programs, and Canada does not want to lag behind. More details on this program will be revealed as it is developed.

Moving towards the future, Scrapie Canada continues to encourage all producers to get informed and involved. For further information, please call Scrapie Canada at 1-866-534-1302 or e-mail at admin@scrapiecanada.ca

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