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July 2008 Scrapie Canada Update

Importing Female Sheep and Goats from the USA

The following is a list of important details that you need to know if you are planning on bringing in female sheep or goats from the US.

  1. Both the importing Canadian producer and the exporting American producer must be enrolled on the National Scrapie Flock Certification Program.
  2. The exporting American producer must be at the same level, or higher level on the program, than the importing Canadian producer.
  3. In order to import, you must contact your local Canadian Food Inspection Agency Regional Office to obtain an import license. A list of local offices can be found on the CFIA website
    at: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/directory/offbure.shtml
  4. Female sheep or goats imported from the USA must go directly to the farm that is enrolled on the National Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (VSFCP) or go direct to slaughter.
  5. Once on the Canadian farm, imported female sheep or goats can only be sold to other Canadian producers who are enrolled on the VSFCP. Restrictions on movement apply only until the flock or herd importing animals has met the Canadian definition of a "negligible risk premises." A negligible risk premises is one that has reached the certified level within the VSFCP.
  6. Producers do not have to be enrolled on the VSFCP to import males or semen from the USA.
  7. Males that have been imported into Canada can be sold to any Canadian producer (the seller and the buyer do not have to be a participant on the VSFCP).
  8. Female sheep or goats can be imported from the USA without enrolling on the VSFCP, as long as these animals are spayed prior to coming into Canada.
  9. If a producer quits the VSFCP following the importation of sheep or goats from the USA, he/she is not permitted to re-enroll on the program for three years. Special cases can be brought forth and will be reviewed by the Scrapie Committee- a group of industry representatives and producers that meet regularly to discuss and administer the national scrapie program.
  10. If a producer decides to quit the program, imported animals will be quarantined on the property for five years.

If you currently do not have any sheep or goats on your property, and the imports from the USA will be the first, you are still permitted to import. Producers will be temporarily enrolled on the VSFCP. When the animals have entered Canada, they must fully enroll on the program. Please note the following information:

  • Arrange to work with a CFIA scrapie accredited vet once the US animals have been imported.
  • Contact Scrapie Canada to receive a letter of temporary enrollment. In order to receive this letter, you must fill out the Producer Information Sheet and your vet must fill out the Veterinarian Information sheet. These forms can be found on the Scrapie Canada website at: http://www.scrapiecanada.ca/VSFCPapplforms.html
  • Along with the Producer Information and Veterinarian Information form, producers must submit a farm map to Scrapie Canada.
  • Contact your local CFIA Regional Office to obtain an import permit. You will need the letter of temporary enrollment from Scrapie Canada to do this.
  • Once the sheep or goats have been imported, producers have 30 days to submit all required paperwork, including a completed inventory (signed by your vet) of all sheep or goats on the property. Producers will then be officially enrolled on the program. An official acceptance letter and program certificate will be mailed out to applicants.
  • Once enrolled on the program, the producer must meet all requirements. A list of program regulations can be found on the Scrapie Canada website at: http://www.scrapiecanada.ca/VSFCPrules-regs.html For more information on the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, please contact Scrapie Canada at 1-866-534-1302.

Further information is available online at www.scrapiecanada.ca/certification.html

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