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March 2008 Scrapie Canada Update

Advancing through the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program

The Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program is divided into four quarters- January 1 to March 31; April 1 to June 30; July 1 to September 30; and October 1 to December 31. Producers who enroll on the program are placed into one of these quarters, depending on the date of the original application. Each year when the producer’s assigned quarter rolls around, he/she is responsible for submitting his/her annual Application of Advancement.

The Application of Advancement consists of completing an annual inventory on all sheep and goats on the property, as well as submitting at least one brain sample. Each producer starts off on the program at Level E (entry level), and with each yearly Application of Advancement, the producer moves forward one level on the program. After five years of successfully submitting the annual Application of Advancement, and meeting all program requirements, a producer will reach the certified level- officially certifying their farm as scrapie resistant. Detailed information on each level of the program is available on the Scrapie Canada website at http://www.scrapiecanada.ca/VSFCPenrolledprod.html.

The January 1 to March 31 is the busiest quarter of the year for Scrapie Canada. This is the time when the majority of the year’s Applications of Advancements are submitted to the office. To offer some information and clarification, listed below are some of the major components of the Application of Advancement process:

  • Once enrolled on the program, producers are required to complete a brain test on any sheep or goat (over one year old) that has died on the property. If no sheep or goats have died within the year, a cull must be submitted for brain testing. If submitting a cull, this animal needs to be at least 24 months of age. In both cases (natural death or cull), the animal must have been on the property for at least one year to be accepted as a sample on the program. All brain test results are submitted with the annual Application of Advancement and a minimum of one sample per year is required.
  • Any sheep or goat that has left the property since the time of enrollment on the program must be accounted for. Documentation on these animals must be provided with the Application of Advancement. For animals that have been sold, a sales receipt must be provided. For animals that have died (and are over one year of age), a brain sample test result must be provided. For animals that are shipped off the farm a shipping slip or receipt must be provided.
  • For animals that are purchased throughout the year, please keep a record of the purchase date, as well as the date the animal entered your farm. For the purchase of females or embryos, the seller must be an enrolled participant on a National Scrapie Flock Certification Program (both the Canadian and the US program is acceptable). The seller must be at the same level, or at a higher level on the program than the buyer.
  • Keep track of your anniversary quarter, so you are prepared to send in your annual Application of Advancement on time. You anniversary quarter is displayed on your program certificate and enrollment letter.
  • Application of Advancement forms are available online at the following link: Application Advancement. These forms are also available by contacting the Scrapie Canada office at 1-866-534-1302 or by e-mail at admin@scrapiecanada.ca

If you have any questions regarding your Application of Advancement, please contact Scrapie Canada.

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